Holding on to His word close to our Hearts

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Holding on to the word of God close to our Hearts, instead of our fears, is a blessing. God has blessed us with His love and through His words He guides and builds our Faith and helps us be stronger in situations. He loves us more than our earthly relatives. He plans our lives in safety and guides us with His Holy Spirit to walk as per His plans.

We are travelling the journey which transforms from earthly to Heavenly. This earthly life is beyond our human understanding for what is the path and where it is leading. Especially for someone like me who was born in India and moved to US for work, and holding on to God and His guidance and having the home and family in the US with His love and Grace as the Foundation, with Prayers and Guidance. The journey seems far and long. This Journey away from the people whom I know, people whom I grew up with, a Journey away from the Faith and belief which I grew with and building a Foundation with His Faith and walking in the way that is ahead, with His word and holding on to Him and His word as the light.

God gives us the strength and the wisdom to bring our visions to life. But sometimes our visions and our goals don't come to us the way it came for David or for Joseph. I started my Journey as someone who did not know Jesus Christ. There is no clear answer to why I chose to walk this path, it might be the way everyone around me was going so I also traveled, but at some point when I realized that in this big world we are all not travelling together we are all in different places. I was all alone, Jesus Christ came to my rescue. After that I am holding onto Him and His words in all situations.

There is no day to stop, days go busy and we keep running and moving. Its a blessing to be able to sit back and look back at the path we walked with the Lord and tell Him Lord, thank you Lord for choosing me and calling me to walk this way. Please strengthen me to walk in the road ahead, please help with my decisions and please help me to be strong and be able to grow into good family and bear good fruits through your blessings. Be able to do what is right. Please forgive us our sins.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful good blog great testimony to God's goodness

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Yes and amen.

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