Home is where cleanliness and freedom live together.

When I think of home, to me it is a place where I can be myself, it is where I can be who I want to be, I can be how I want to be, I can do what I want to do. I can be sleeping, I can sing, I can shout, I can cry, I can cook, I can dance, I can laugh, I can play, I just have the freedom to be what I really want to be. But when I am at work, or in the Church, or in any other public place which is common to many people, I have to follow the discipline and the code of conduct which has been defined. But home is where I have the freedom to be whom I want to be. When the parents start to question the children for their actions and they are not given the freedom to be who they want to be, they tend to look out for other places which allow them to be how they want to be.

When we think of home as a place of freedom, we also will have to remember that we have to keep it clean. If it happens that we take all the liberty and still we dont take time to keep it clean, the home becomes a place of sickness, and starts smelling bad, and you no longer can live in that home. When we call it home, it is also required that I take time and effort to keep it clean, keep it organized. keep is as it was when I started to live there. I cannot keep making it messy and messy. Home is where we come back tired from work and we want to have whatever we need to refresh oursleves, have some food, have some sound sleep, have some peaceful time, have some good talk, good thoughts. If we dont spend time to keep it clean then again home becomes a punishment and we might have to leave the place and move to a better and cleaner place.

Jesus Christ said that He will make a home for us in Heaven. Heaven is where holiness dwells. Holiness means sanctification from the bondage to the sin, which is the freedom from sinful nature and sinful thoughts, sinful deeds. It is a freedom from the pains and sufferings caused by sin. The deliverance from the sinful nature brings in the freedom, and at the same time brings in the goodness, and purity which dwells in the nature of God. It is a place of wellbeing, joy, peace, love and freedom.

When I look at the home I dwell in today and the effort I have to put in to clean to keep my home healthy. It really takes a huge effort, to afford for a place which I can call a home, in which I can dwell in safety, I really have to spend most of my time earning to make sure that the I can afford to pay for the same. On this earthly life I really pay the cost for my freedom and my cleanliness. I know how much it costs.

But Lord Jesus Christ through Him blood on the Cross has purchased for us the Home in Heaven, where I can dwell in freedom and sanctity. There is no cost for what He has given is. It is such a great Mercy and Grace that He has bestowed upon us.


Yeah cleanness is next to godliness !

We should also practice cleanness in our house's , our house is a reflection of our hearts !
Thanks for reminding us that we need to keep our house cleaning consistent because if we don't we will not like living in home .

Be blessed forever


Michael Cole @michaelcole ·

I really like this idea you have here. I like it also in the sense that home is also a place of family. And that we are the house of God now. So all these things about a home apply to us as believers and as the church.

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