Hope of a perfect day.

Being in the rainy, gloomy winter here, I start my day to work in the rain and coming back home in the cold windy evening. Being through all the ups and downs of the day. I feel, how many years have I spent with the hope of having a perfect day, but it never came. In winter I feel summer is better, but in summer it is too hot and cannot go out in the sun and so mostly I end up sleeping at home or working indoors both in summer and winter. Even if the weather is really nice and warm, there will be something busy going on around and I will not be able to enjoy the day. Even if I step out in a good warm weather, I will be busy with so many things like taking pictures, friends, shopping and busy with various other things that the day becomes tiring. Interesting thing is beyond all when everything seems awesome, I might end up being sick and unable to move from my bed. And I end up looking outside, when it seems to be the most perfect day around me.

Everyday I sleep and wake-up with the dream and hope of a perfect day. I am not sure if there can be a perfect day, which I can even think or plan, given my human capacity and limitations. I am busy almost 365 days in a year. I do whatever I can, with all my strength, I travel where ever required, I do whatever I can, I meet as many people I can, I work as hard as I can. But still I will not be able to call one single perfect day in my every year of 365 days. In reality, I have no clue of how will a perfect day look like, or what should I do to feel that my day is perfect.

But in spite of all these realities, God gives us the strength to walk through the imperfections. And this is something that I don't understand, and it is we are trying to taste the perfect God in a the imperfect world. And the Hope to taste a Perfect day is never ending and I know that I will know how a perfect day, feels, looks, when I am in Heaven with the Lord.


The day is coming! I understand your search. We can all look forward to that perfect day with Him! Blessings to you!

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