How many times we face death, but He brings us back to life in Him

In Christ, I am a person, who loves others, who trusts others, who makes friends with others, whois so joyful, happy,and alwayswants to be active, learning, sharing and talking. It is not the same always, sometimes life putsus intodifficult and unexpected situations, whereI find it so difficult to be joyful, andit becomes like a desert, where there is no food, no water, it is all dry, hot, and no one around. It getslifeless inside me, But then Jesus Christ through His love, miraculously bringsme back to life.The tiny innerbeing, which is a gift from God, amazes meby the wayit walks throughthepains in life.

Jesus Christ walked into my life, when thespace insidemy heart,was so empty and lifeless. Before Jesus Christ endorsed His love in my life, it was so barren, and whenHe assured His love for me, the Heart was so filled of Joy. Theemptyspace in my heartgot filled withmyinner being.It was like having victory over the whole world. But as I walked in the path of life, it has been a journey of ups and downs in the chamber of Joy, but everytime it has been a down, Jesus Christ has ensured to bring it up.

Myheart loosestheinner joywhenI realize thatI have sinned and done something which is not acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. I feel unworthy of the love of the Lord andI looseJoy and get into mourning, but then, God reassures His love and forgives me, so that the Joy in theheart returns back.

Also, when someone whomIlove breaksmy trust,myheart really goes through a lot of pain. The joy inside me is transformedto sorrow andpain.I am no longer able tofeel the complete Joy in my heart.But God again through His love Heals the pain and opens other doors, and teachesme to accept the reality and walk forward. Though I am alone in my room sitting by myself and thinking about all the problems in my life, He has assured me He is listening to me and He is taking care of my concerns.From the midst of the pain, I slowly learned to extendmy Hands toward the Lord and walk holding on to Him. AgainI get some confidence and extends the hand to friendship and love to others.

The most painful jorney is whenI get into the hands of the people who are do not believe in God, who do not have the fear of God and who want to take control over the life. It is like someone trying to put me into the darkness and imprison my thoughts, and want to rule over it. This is the most difficult part wheremy inner beingprays to the Lord for my deliverance, It really Prays hard, everyday and everynight, in my dreams in my thoughts in my words, it keeps fighting and praying for my deliverance. When it knows I am safe it again gets joyful.

My inner beingis such a sweet companion God has given me, and it helps me to love my love. Even though when I am very far from Him, it brings His presence very near to me, and reassures His love for me. It teaches me to love the way He loves.

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