How much should I be Thankful to the people who guided me through..

Starting from the time when I realized that I broke my foot, till today and going further till I am able to walk with my feet, I have come across multiple people who supported me and helped me heal. With no immediate family near me, it would have been a night mare without them.

The first person I am really thankful to is the Orthopedic Doctor who is treating my broken bones. The first visit he told me "YOU WILL BE HEALED". For some reason I always felt he makes sure that I am safe and making sure that I don't stress and strain myself into pain. Everyday when I walk with my Boot and the crutches, people who look at me think I am having a hard time. But I explain to them, that these are hard, heavy and tough but I am not walking in pain. I have read people who come out of the Cast in 6 weeks and they are allowed to walk with their boot. But I know that when my doctor told me that I have to walk with the boot and crutches, he really understood the criticaly of the healing process and he ensured that I be safe, and am able to walk with confidence. When people look at me with the Boot and Crutches they ask me is it such a big fracture, that it is taking this long. But my doctor never told me that it was big, he told me the very first day that this is a slow healing process. I tell my collegues my doctor is so good that he made sure that I have the boot and the crutches to make sure that I am very safe.

The next person I am really thankful to are the physiotherapists who have been helping me with my foot, to do some exercises so that I get the strength in my muscles. It has been three weeks and it has been a lot of gradual improvement. I started to go to work the sametime when I stated the physio, the first week I was feeling so weak, I was at my desk most of the time with my foot streched, to wake up every morning and to get ready by myself, was a challenge, because my body got so used to working from home for the past two months. My physio therapist told me that I am not train myself with my walk as I started working. He told me not be bring home work. Slowly I started spending more time on practicing walking at home, and also do some muscle streching at home. The other challenge I had was the swelling in the ankle, usually they give ice in my leg for the swelling to decrease, but I told them that I dont want ice and I want the swelling to come down naturally. My therapist told me if you want the swelling to go down naturally you will have to eat calcium rich food. By God's grace the swelling has been decreasing so far. Usually it is less swelling on Monday, but as the week progresses the swelling keeps increasing and again when I give it rest during the weekend it goes down.

The next person I am thankful to is Aunty who cooks my food everyday, she comes with me to my Physiotherapy center, she stays with me when I do my excercises, when we come home she cooks the food for me and serves it for me. She also packs the lunch for me which I take to work. She has been helping me with my food for almost three months, I never had to worry about my food.

The next person I am thankful to is my collegue who usually comes home in the morning, helps me to lock the door and a she helps me to get into the cab and also walks with to the office, as I walk with the crutches, she helps me with the door and all the required accesses.

The next person I am thankful to is my sister, though she works in Tennesse and myself in New York, she took the pains to travel to my place three times during the past few months and making sure that I have everything that I need in place. She helped me with my doctor visits and praying for me, providing the spiritual support that I needed the most. She also helped me to move to a different room, which was in the ground floor which was easier for me compared to my apartment with two storey but no lift. Also, she helped me with getting things setup, which made my life easier and comfortable. I will also like to remember the care givers who help me with my personal stuff when my sister is not around.

Also, my office collegues who allowed me to connect from home for 8 weeks, and then for the past 3 weeks have been compassionate and understanding with my limitations, and been flexible with the meetings and the timings.

It is not that I have come across people who have not been able to help me. But still these people made a great difference to me. I pray for their salvation and they understand the LORD.

The most important support is our LORD HIMSELF and HIS People who Pray for my Healing. Also, my Parents though not near me, they keep praying for me Healing everyday. Hoping to see me walking normally sooner.