How to make me better for the world?

The most important learning I have on this earth is, how do I make myself better to this world?

And by God's Grace, He has made me more useful to this world as I grow older and mature, as compared to how I used to be. World needs more people in Christ, there is lots of Healing and Love needed in the world. It is a blessing that God has called us to be the messengers of His Love, His Blessing, His Healing in this world. Everyday I am happy to see me as useful vessel to the Lord and at the sametime I am able to be someone who is useful to the world.

There are multiple versions of pains, the pain caused by the sins committed against me, then there is pain of the sins committed against my loved ones, then the pains of the sins I commit and the pain of the sins comitted by my loved ones. These pains literally tear me apart. Some times I feel lost and I feel I cannot be in this world. The people around me used to feel I cannot get along with them. I cannot be in peace with anyone. I used to suffer with anger, frustration, anxiety and depression when I am in the midst of these pains. This life is so full of sins, pains and sufferings. Maturity comes from Christ, who teaches me to be Patient, enduring, calm and courageous in the middle of all these struggles.

But Christ, teaches me to put an end to all these frustrations and pains. He teaches me to look at the world from His eyes. He teaches me to be a nice friend to others. He teaches me to be there for others when they need me. It is not necessary that it is the same person who needs me all the time, sometimes it is my friend from Chicago who needs me, sometimes is it my friend from Atlanta, sometimes it my friend from India, sometimes it is my friend from New York, sometimes it is my friend from LA. Every person has different situations and different commitments, but still the challenges are many. It is required that we support each other and keep walking. Surprisingly I keep making new new friends everyday, God makes me a good friend to everyone who meets me. But when I pray to the Lord, He helps me to be a friend of others, He gives me the strength to forgive their sins, and continue to be their friend. God teaches me to be the messenger of His love to them. One day they will all accept Him. They will also be be His own.

This world really needs more love and Healing. Though there is lot of enemity around on the surface, but every individual needs compassion, love and peace. People need more love and care, where sin abounds grace abounds. This world has not been a friendly place for anyone. It has been an enemy to everyone. It has been so rude. Every child who comes into the world cries. But still there are many people who loved the people in this world, moved with compassion, and continue to work and pray for the deliverance of the people. Tears come for various reasons, either out of self pain, or out of repentance, or out of compassion. When we learn to cry out of compassion, slowly we stop crying out of pain.

There were many people who came into my life to be my friend when I was in need, but now have gone intonext life, to be with God. Now it is my turn to be with the people who are in need of His love and to serve their needs as Christ did for me. I keep working on the ways I can be more better and helpful to the world.

Chukwuma Anyadike @anyadich ·

Great blog. Something to be thankful for.

Thomas Mcgraw @thomasmcgraw ·

thanks so much for the sharing of this love and loving transformation. you have made what it means to be a true disciple much more clear and I pray that we all see this as the blessing that it is.
Peace and strength in Christ always Deepa,

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