How will this world be with no rules

As I was looking through the streets, the traffic and the street light, I was thinking how chaotic this our daily life will be with out the rules. If there is no traffic signals to direct the vehilcles in every direction and people are all trying to go in their own way, our every morning would be a nightmare, we dont know who will come and hit us. People when they intially start driving they sometime break the rules, but when they pay the fines on breaking rules, they start stopping them selves from doing the sin any more.

I was feeling so thankful to God and Mosses who brought into our lives the disciplines into our lives. When Moses brought in the laws and sin offerings into the lives of Israelites, it might have been difficult for the people to start following it, but when the time passes they get used to it and slowly people stop resisting from doing sin.

But the love of Christ teaches us discipline through love, though Jesus Christ is not expecting any sin offering, but the risk is loosing the love of Jesus Christ from our life, which is more painful than doing any sin. The love Jesus Christ has for us and the love we have for Him is mutual. Breaking that love is unimaginably painful as putting Him on the cross. It is better to refrain from sin rather that hurting His love. It is so nice to be bounded by Love from sinning rather than bounded by law.

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