I have to walk by God's will, it is better that I stop my Planning

As I was thinking about how I need to plan my future. I was going back and thinking about my past and my future. I realized, I don't think I can plan. I have to wait.

I was not sure if this is a good or a bad spot to be. But on thinking more, I started realizing slowly I decided to walk by the will of God, when I committed myself to Christ. Now when I try to plan for myself, I really cannot because of fact that for many things He says "My hour has not come".

When I came into Christ, He gave me the Spirit according to the purpose for which He called me. But at that time neither did I have the strength or the wisdom. But still I kept moving from one place to another, interacting with different people, every-time thinking that the hour will come now. But then again things will change and will move me somewhere. Again find a Church, find a fellowship, find new friends, find a new house, setup the home, settle down with the people at work, read Bible, paint picture, write blogs, talk to my parents and siblings. Since I was focused on my work and the issues, I did not realize how many years passed, I was what was happening to the purpose for which He called me, and the Spirit that He gave me.

Now, I was really amazed to see how beautifully the Spirit that He has given me has grown. When I look back to see how I was before I received the spirit, and how I am now, I know that His spirit in me is working.

Whenever I plant a seed, I have a bad habit of checking it everyday to see if grew up, and sometime I get so excited and I might pour more water or do something that potentially will make the plant literally wither. When I first received the Spirit, I was so impatient and hoping that things will change in a days time. But then after walking for so many years, when I look back, I realize over the years I am slowly getting to the place where I thought I will be in a day's time.

Also, when Spirit is at work it is so hard to really understand with our limited wisdom to see what is coming and plan my life. It now I was under the assumption that when I walk in Christ, I have spiritual path which is fenced on my sides, which stops me from doing anything that is not as per the teaching of the Lord. Now after looking at the Spirit, I realized my spiritual fence is also in front and back of me as well. Though I am physically moving, I am still in the same position where I was when I first came to Him. My Spiritual seed got planted and is growing in the same spot where I started.

No planning only duty and obedience, waitin for His Hour to come. Love you God

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