In His Time

Everything is perfect in His time.

In His time, when He is coming to call us, is the most amazing and awesome time of transition of our inner being from this physical world to the Heaven. The time when we see that everything is perfect for those, who hoped and believed in Him and His words.

In His time, our Hope and Faith will become reality. Nothing can stop His time. No one can define or control His time. No one can predict His time. But when He comes, everything will change. When He calls, no one can refuse, everyone submits and obeys His words.

In His time, every pain, every suffering, every sickness will be healed. There will no longer be darkness, ignorance or sin. The lame will walk, blind will see, deaf will hear, dead will be alive. No more hunger or thirst or poverty or hatred or loneliness or death.

In His time, there will be love, joy and peace filling the hearts and lives of people. There will be praises, singing, adoration, celebration for the Victory of the Lord our God, Jesus Christ. People with rejoice and be glad to see what God has planned for them. Something they could never have imagined.

In His time, all creature will sing Praise to the Lord till the ends of the earth. All knees will bow down before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. All eyes will see His Glorious victory both in Heaven and in the Earth. Every heart will adore His saving passion and love on the cross.

In His time, we will be in our Father's home. We will have our everlasting and eternal home, which Jesus Christ has built for us, through His Grace and Mercy.

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