In the shadow of His wings

Being a Refuge in the shadow of His wings is such a blessing.

In the Gospel of John, the raising of Lazarus (John 11:1–44), the author, reiterates the love which Lord Jesus has for the family of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, so many times in so many ways.

The chapter starts with the note sent by Lazarus's sisters "Master the one whom you love is ill." And it again endorses the love saying "Now Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus." When I read it gives me the hope that Jesus is going to save the one whom He loves. If these words confirming Jesus's love were missing, I would have had the doubt if Jesus will save Him or not. But these words that assures Jesus loves gives us the hope Jesus will save him. He will not leave them as orphans and will come to them. Sometimes in our lives when we face difficult situations, Jesus due to some reasons like the Jewish people trying to stone Him and arrest Him, He has to stay in the place were He is for 2 days. But still He will come. Hold on to the assurance "He loves you".

It feels so amazing that He gets perturbed (anxious and disturbed) when He sees us crying. He is watching for how I am feeling, what I am wanting, what I my heart is looking for, He is connected to my heart, and He feels the way I feel. When I feel hurt, He feels Hurt as well. When I am Joyful He is Joyful, when I am Anxious, He feels the same. And How I react to the feeling might me different from How He reacts, He asks Father to give me the what I am yearning for.

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