In the shadows of His wings

Life becomes more meaningful when we being and acting responsible. God has called us with duties, God expects us to be accountable and responsible. It really took me so many years to even reach to the mindset were I am not panicing or running away when I am expected to be responsible. To be able to take up the responsibility and to gain the wisdom to be able reach to the destination with confidence really needed tons of transformations inside me. I cannot reach my destination blindly, I need the skill, the wisdom, the Spirit and the Will of God. But when I start the Journey I do not know my destination or the path or the wisdom or the Spirit or the revelation on the will of God. But slowly through our Faith God slowly opens the doors to the destination, showing us the path, providing us the Spirit, Wisdom and Strength to progress towards our destinations.

It is more than 5 months since I moved form New Jersey to Tennesse. This move is another big challenge to leading a self sufficient life. Interestingly here in Tennessee I have lot of friends in the past 5 months, as compared to the very few friends I had in New Jersey during my stay for 2 years. Quite a good number of Christian friends as well outside my Church. I get to share my Faith and talk about His love with them. Though I still continue to be live by myself, I am being surrounded by His people with whom I chat, call or meet. My conversations with my friends can be either the worldly problems or the relationship with God. Worldly challenges that we face in the current worldly lives like those in their marriages, with husbands, with children, with sickness, illness, parents etc., pushes us to get out of the vicious cycle of the world, by the Spiritual growth in Christ, the Faith and the word of God. The worldly challenges which we face, acts as the fiery furnace, which refines us and makes as in the image of Christ. Being in the firery furnase it is the love of Christ which is protecting us in the shadows of His wings.

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