It is shocking when people hate us

One of my colleague causally told me "I hate you more than how much I hate these people", as He told me we were laughing, it was not a serious conversation. But still there is a lot of truth that is behind this statement. When I look at my daily transactions there is a lot of hatred filled in, it kind of makes it very difficult to come out of the vicious cycle of this hatred. It is so much filled with mistakes and faults, and everyday we end up carrying hatred and dissatisfaction with so many people, people sometime hate me and hold me faulty no because I am at fault, but may be the fault or mistake or lack of sincerity and commitment of someone else is coming on me, and people hate me for it. The same thing with others as well, I end up getting frustrated on others because of the faults of others.

But when I really sit back and meditate, Jesus Christ was hated by the world for no fault of His. He is sinless, but the world Hated Him and put Him to death on the cross. When the Holy Spirit comes upon us we increase in wisdom, and we become more caring and we want to love others care for other and be with others, but it really shocks to see that the people avoid us, they want to keep distance from us, they feel we are trying to get the attention, which makes them avoid our presence, sometimes it is really hurting when people hate us for the fact that we are finding favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus Christ went through the same struggles and He overcame the Hatred of these people, till the point to the death. They hated Him, they put Him on the cross, but the Spirit of God brought Him back to life, and through His resurrection, He gave us the assurance that we are in safe hands and this hatred is not going to Harm us. He holds our promises and we don't have to be worried that the hatred of the world will take away any of His blessings or promises for us. This hatred will not take His love away from us. We always get into the fear and panic that telling the truth to this person, might earn me hatred, and will God be angry with me because what I did lead to the hatred of this person. But God has assured us, He is not going to Hates us or punish us, because the world Hates us. His love and His promises for us is more that the Hatred of the world, and what He gives is more that what the Hatred can take away from us.

Chukwuma Anyadike @anyadich ·

Unfortunately in life no matter how good a person is that person is still hated by some. The key point here is that even Christ was hated by the world. When we remember that then we stop worrying about being liked and more about doing the right thing and following God.

Beth M @blest ·

The world hated our Lord, and the Bible promises the world will hate us too.

But we know the punchline! We win! :clap:


Yeah the world is just full of hatred in many shape's and form's ,for hatred has many faces to many too list here !

But I am sure your colleague causally never meant it in a bad way , lots of times people say that without even thinking about it because they are just use to making that statement out of dislike of something ,and others times it is because of what you stand for or believe .

No doubt that when love shows that it shines ever brightly beyond that of hatred !

Be blessed forever


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