It takes a lifetime to keep a relationship of Love, but a minute to Betray.

It took Adam and Eve just a fraction of second break their relationship with God. It took Cain a fraction of second to kill his brother. It took a fraction of second for Judas Iscariot, to betray Jesus Christ. It took the Israelites a few moments to murmur against the living God.

Betrayals and breaking the relationship takes only a few seconds, but the after-effect of it changes the way of life, it brought in a tremendous change in their lives and in the lives of people around them. After the first sin, the life of Adam, Eve and all the generations following them changed, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Similarly, Cain's act of killing his brother, changed his life, he became a restless wanderer on earth. Judas's betrayal changed his life and he killed himself. The Betrayal of Israelites changed their lives and they had to die in the wilderness, only the next generation was able to go to Canaan.

People who put their trust in God, and are Faithful to God, have the presence of God in their lives, which comes with the Promise of Peace, Joy and Love. People who have their Faith established on Christ they have their generations established in Christ the Lord. Jesus Christ through His love and death on the Cross, has a plan of life for the people who believe in Him. Though there will be troubles which make their strength stronger in Faith, but still His love is everlasting.

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