Jesus came to Save us from our sinking boat

During the time of Noah, people were sinning so much, and God made the floods, but God asked Noah to make an ark boatthatcan sail on the floods. But when I look Peter, in the midst of the storm and the boat is sinking, Jesus Christ called Him to walk on the water.

When I look at the world around me, I can realize that the boat is sinking, be it the economy, the society, the nations. Though it is slow but still we can see that we are not standing in the same level as we were yesterday, people are running and planning to hold on to what that had yesterday, but it is sinking and we are finding it so difficult to hold. There isn't anything materially that someone can hold tobe savedfrom the sinking boat.

Now we as God's children we have two steps we can do, one is wait being united in the Spirt of Godwith Lord Jesus"Be Still and Know I am the Lord", and the other is to get down from the sinking boat and walk on the water towards the Lord,likePeter,butwhen wedecide to walk on the water we have to hold on to Jesus and be focussed on Jesus only, and if we start looking that the storm or the problems and look at our own capacities we will sink, Jesus is our destiny and Goal.

We know we are all of little Faith, but still when we hold on to Jesus He enables us to walk on water and overcome the storm.

We dont have to teach a running How to Run, all we have to do is to show Him the path, the runner will take care of running. Likewise we are the Children of God, whohold theSpirit of God, which has the authority over the storm and winds,being Baptized in the Holy Spirit of God, we will need to just hold on to the Spirit and chose to walk over thewater towards the Lord.