Jesus Christ is my substitue or my coach

In the times of weakness I always go to the Lord and call on for the help. When I think on my situations,I wonderhow do I expect Jesus Christ to respond to my problems.The day to day problems Iface at my work or at my home or with my health, or anything, what should I expect from Him as the response? Also, based on my relationship with Him so far in the times of troubles, andHow has He reponded to me and what has been the path I had to take to get out of the situation, How are we working or blending togather?

When I really sit back and think, I feel that in my day to day issues and the problems. In all the weaknesses I have, when I face people who are diplomatic, sarcastic, political or bureaucratic at the work place, or the issues I face because of my physical weakness of getting back pain on carrying huge bags in a two storey building, not being able to do certain things. Sometimes things get so messy and people tend to treat me like a dumpster, and I really need to stop people from throwing all the garbage on me, I need to clean up myself and my image. Stand firm in my image as His child. What should I expect from Jesus Christ and What does God expect me to do?

Should I expect Jesus Christ to be my substitive in fighting all my weakness, to speak to my diplomatic collegue, to say what is right? Should I expect Jesus Christ to carry my things up on the stairs? Should I expect Jesus Christ to do the things for me? What should I expect out of Him?

Is He going to be my substitute in all these? The answer is a big "NO". I have to run the race, He Has given my the Holy Spirit, my counsellor, who will tell me How to respond to my colleague, and I have to respond to my colleague. The Holy Spirit will provide me the alternatives on what I have to do to move my bags, if I have to hire a person or something, based on my capacity. I need to sit back am call on to Him and pray for the cousellor who for His guidance. He will guide me with what to do, and I have to do it the way He is instructing me to do, it is out of the Divine Wisdom, He is guiding me. He is my coach who is training me on how to run the race, He is not my substitute, where I sit back and He is going to run it for me.

But there are times when I know He is running the race for me and He already has the victory for me. But I need to walk in Faith to face the victory. He won the victory over the Satan over the cross, and died for me, on the cross, He is my substitue, and He gave His life for my Sin, and with my Baptism, I accept that He died for my Sins, and He is there on the cross for me, He stands there as my substitue on the Cross, and claiming my victory, while I am running the race Here in my worldly life. He will never let me down, I am on the cross which Him but with no pains of the nails or the thorns. He loves me so much.

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