Jesus Christ's rescue force to Heave people from Sin, Pain and Suffering..

God wants everyone of us to be with Peace and Joyful as His children. But sometimes unknowningly we walk into the traps of Satan and we get into the clutches of Sin, Pain or Suffering. We slowly start communicating to the sin, pain and suffering instead of the Lord. We strart focusing and thinking more about the sinful and paining part of us instead of focusing on the goodness and well being. We focus more on our disabilities and our weaknessses rather than the strength of the Lord who gave His life on the Cross to deliver us from the Sin, Suffering and Pain.

Pain and Suffering builts in our mind a wall of fear, and tries to convince us of our weakness and disabilities. But we the children of God know that by the Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ who overcame death on the Cross, has empowered us through His Blood and His Name, through Prayers, and intersessions to the Lord we overcome the weaknesses, and be filled in with the Spirit of the Lord and the Strength of the Lord.

It is not the Spirit of Timidity or cowardice or fear, but a spirit of Power, Love and Discipline. When we are lying down in our weakness the waiting for the Lord to Raise us up, Satan sends in too many messengers of His to try to overshadow us and take us into confidence for their own well being. But by Spirit of the Lord we know the messengers of Satan who are trying to make us weak. They try to challenge us of our abilities, and tempt us to be emotional and make us test our Faith, even before the "Hour of the Lord".Like how the Devil tempted the Lord in the Deseret. We have to reply back to them that we dont test the Lord.

We as Children of God, we know that God will make us Perfect in His time, we need to wait for it. He is the Potter and we are the Clay, unless the Potter says that the Pot is ready for use, we cannot start using it. The making of a Pot Has various steps. First make the mould, prepare the clay, give it the shape of the mould, then let it dry, then temper it in heat. The pot will not serve the purpose till the Lord says "It is Finished". It is better that we wait till He confirms, that You are ready. If the Satan challenges us to demonstrate our Faith when the Pot is not Finished, we need to hold on, pray to the Lord for the Strength to wait and buy in more time in the feet of the Lord.

The wall that God builds around us is for our safety, our well being and goodness. This wall teaches us to look up to the Lord and open our mouth wide to be filled with Prayers. It is wall built to bring us down to our knees in repentence, it is wall build around us to confirm our inheritence to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the wall that assures us that my Shephard gave His life already to protect us. This wall is the built of the strength of the Lord to overcome the wall of fear, doubt and weakness built by our Sin, Pain and Suffering.


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