Kingdom Built on Sufferings and Authority.

When I look at Jesus Christ on the cross, the first thing that stirs my heart is the sufferings that He went through, it is so painful to meditate on the sufferings He had been thorugh. To me as a human being, I tend to really bow down before the sufferings He has been through, not only because of the fact that He endured it for me, but also because of the fact that I can never imagine myself being through such pains, my heart humbles itself before Him because of the realization.

But it really amazes me when I think about the people, who are so blessed to bear the marks of the sufferings of Jesus in their Body, like the marks from Scrouging, the marks of the Nails that pierced His Arms and Feet, the marks from the crown of thorns. It is so amazing to see how much they were close to the sufferings that Jesus Christ has been through on the cross. They believed in the suffering of the Lord more than their own well being. They desired His sufferings more that the life on this earth, through their unshakable and immovable faith and unity with the suffering, the Lord enabled them to bring in the Healing into the lives of many people.

At the sametime, I also see there are people who claim the Authority that was given in the name of Jesus Christ, praying in Spirit and meditating on the promises of the Lord, the word of God, spending hours meditating on the Lord, they listen to the words shared by others, get to the transitional state and they see the Kingdom of Heaven, they grow so strong in their faith, and they get anointed by the Holy Spirit, and they share the Healing of Jesus with the people, and drive the demons in the name of Jesus.

Though the paths look different from outside still they lead to the Lord and the intent is to spread the Love of Jesus to the world.


No doubt that meditation is the key to a greater understanding and spiritual growth !

Great message .

Be blessed forever


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