Know God's Presence When it is calm, Quiet and Still

A unique kind of thoughts and feeling fills in our Heart when it is Calm, Quiet and Still around. It feels like the mixture of fear, nothingness of our existence and emptiness, along with the Peace, Hope and Promise of something Beyond us. Walking beyond the fear, emptiness and nothingness. Looking beyond the Peace, Hope and Promise. Deep inside the Quietness, Calmness and Stillness of our Heart, we feel His presence just for a fraction of a second, which fills the whole being with Joy. We get carried away by the Joy and there is no more Calm, Quiet and Stillness around. Not sure when it will come back again.

I love the verses 1 Kings 19:11-12 which calls out God is not the Greart and Strong wind or the Earthquake or the Fire. But when Elijah heard the gentle whisper, when Elijah heard it He pulled his cloak over his face. It is so amazing to realize how His heart identifies the Lord and immediatly responds to the Lords presence by pulling the cloack over his face. Thinking about why He pulls the cloak over his face, is because we are sinful and we cannot stand in the Glory of the Lord and secondly when Jesus Chirst comes back the same human heart is refined (in His Blood) to be the Bride for the Groom.

Exodus 14:14, Psalm 46:10, Psalm 37:7, Zechariah 2:13, Mark 4:39 says us "Be still".

God is at work all the time, around the clock and around the year, he neither sleeps nor slumbers. When HE is at work, we are expected to Be Still. I know it is so difficult for us to be still, we are not sure of what is going on. My right foot is inside the CAST for the past 4 weeks, I cannot see what is going on inside in my bones, but I know God is working on Healing it. I have to be still. Obviously, if I as a human being have to spend 4 weeks I have to do my work, eat food with calcium, need to Pray, call my friends ask them to Pray, then when I sometimes read people which write about their complications in healing I get into doubt, again in the comment to that blog itself I read someone indicating meditate in Bible verses for Healing. But inspite of all these things there are moments of silence, calmness and stillness when I can feel the Presence of the Lord, may be sometimes that moment may be in the middle of Devotional reading, or may be when I am Praying or may be when I am lying down to sleep. It is a minute of Silence which takes the Lord to reveal His Love and Presence to a Human mind which is so busy running behind so many things. My healing is just an example, there are many things, He is working in Parallel for each one of us. Like taking care of our Family members, making sure there is enough cultivation so that each and every one of us gets our food, making sure that the world looks fresh and bright around for us to live, making sure that there is enough jobs and visa openings around, taking care of the weather for us to live. He is working for us in every way, every time. We Have to BE STILL to know what He is doing.

I cannot force the stillness into me. I am sure when I get healed and Iget busy in my routine going to the Church and other social activities in the Lord, I might not feel the stillness which I am feeling now. I know it has happened to me in the past, whenever I am in trouble my closeness to the Lord increases, but when the trouble is gone, neither do I feel the stillness nor can I force myself into it. Even though I try to be in the most lonely mountians, I dont think I will feel the stillness till I am in deep trouble. I will feel like enjoing the scenery or painting something instead. And the viceversa, when I am in deep trouble, even though I have hundreds of people around me my Heart is still to feel His Presence.


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