Last will be First..

Matthew 20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”

I don't recollect how this verse came to mymind for meditationa few weeks back. I was thinking what does it mean by Last will be First.Which isappropriate - is itto be the last or to be the first? Where should I befirst? Where should I be last?So manyquestions were running inside me.. trying to understand where should I best position myself andhow should I be? No Answer.

Then I was looking at people praying and were so enthusiastic in being filled with the spirit. I was thinking.. did He meanone hastobe seatedcalm andquietso that He will come and fill them, rather than be enthusistic to be filled with the spirit, andmake big banners about serving the Lord and all other stuffs..? No answer.

Againmy thought process continuednext dayas well..then in my heart Ivisualized the Church and I waslooking atthe entrance of the Church..I thought whenthe Lord enters the Church the peopleseated in thelast rowwill bethe first people to see Him. Then I waswondering so shouldI be seated in the last row so that I canbe thefirst person to see Him coming? Thenimmediatly theLord showed me the Bride -- andHe made me realize - The Bride will be the Last person to see the Groom. Wow I really felt soamazed.It is true though the Bride is so special and primary(first) but still she is the last person to be met by the Groom. I felt so impressed by thisrevelation. No more questions. I know where He wants me to be.

Ina way,whenit comes to the worldly ways.. benear the exitto bethe first person to seeHis coming. In His Kingdombe the Bride waiting for Him to bewith Him forever.