Learning to accept the Nature of the Creator and the Creation

I feel there isn't any single nature of God which has not been called out in the Psalms of David. If I sit back and think about, is there anything new that I can write about describing the nature of God, which is not written in Psalm, I dont think I will get anything. Psalm so much about the Lord, His Majesty, His Love, His Wrath and anger, His Expectations, His Kindness, His Mercy.

Most interesting verse where King David says "so you are right in your verdict and justified when you judge" (Psalm 51:4).

It is a real Blessing to be able to accept whole heartedly when He is saying "You are wrong", to humbly submit before Him and say "God.. You are right in your verdict". When He punishes me say Him that "You are Justfied when you judge me". The reason why I am saying this is, till I came into Christ or read the bible, I did not have the maturity or the understanding to accept that when someone is saying me wrong I should not shout back at them in my defense. But now I dont want to argue with Him or try to Justify saying that something is not right. Given the fact thatI know my sinful and imperfect nature I will not want to stand before Him andargueto someone.

WhenIdid notknow Bible I have always asked, why did God create me with a Body that pains, which dies, why did God create me relationships which break, why would I get sick, why would people have to grow old. Why did not God create me with a Spiritual body instead of Physical Body? But now when I read the Bible and accept HIM, these questions no longer seem to be valid. It is like you know the fact, that you came from dust and you will go into dust, why are you asking that? Till we have this Physical body and complete the journey we need to go on, better walk carefully so that you dont hurt yourself too much. God will bless us with Everlasting life, but we are not there yet. But in His Time we will Be.


I love the Psalms. Love em, love em, and love em some more.

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