Learning to unlock the lock

I go to gym after work, and I usually keep my things in the locker, but as I had my work phone and everything in my bag i used to feel a little insecure about leaving my stuffs in the locker. Finally after two weeks, tired of my insecure feeling, i decided to buy a lock, I went to the gym coordinator, bought a lock. He gave it to me, it was a dialpad lock with combination to unlock it. I have never used it before, i could have asked him how do i use it, but I felt I can learn it and came back to the locker room, interestingly i spent about an hour trying to unlock the lock by myself, i was following the instruction behind, it was not working, I knew that i was missing something, but was not sure what i was missing, tried googling, tried a few but did not help. Finally gave up, placed the lock inside the locker and went back to the excersice. Next day morning on my way to work, sitting in the bus, i remembered that my lock is still locked. Opened my phone and the googled found one more set of instructions and it said something additional to what i was doing, in the second left turn, you have to go past zero to reach the number, i tried it, and wow the lock opened, in my first try in the morning, wow.

Interesting analogy of this is the our mind which is prone to all vulnerebilities and it has a way lock the heart and say I am not going to trust anyone. But then the difficult part is to teach your mind to unlock itself through the wisdom and faith in God. It is the assurance that you are safe through the faith and trust in God. Slowly once you learn how to unlock it, you know to reach out to the word of God whenever you realize that the mind has locked your heart. This is a continuous learning process to unlock in the name of Jesus. Just unlock and keep going.

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Took me a while to see where this blog was going - but hey I got it - good blog.


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