Let God's workmanship make our hearts beautiful

God made us with eyes, and created beautiful nature around us to admire. God made us with nose, and created beautiful fragrances around us. God made us with Hands and gave us options to create something new. God made us with Ears, and created beautiful music to hear. God made us with Tongue, and created with lots of nice food to taste. God made us with a heart with lots of people around us to love. God made us with feet, with a big world around us to explore. God made us with brain, and He created lots of mysteries for us to understand. God made us with a body, and created ways to take care of it. His workmanship is amazing. He has very wonderfully and thoughfully made us to be able to admire and enjoi every aspect of the world around us.

But, ofcourse we know that the enemy has sown the seed of hatred among us and keeps stealing away the joy with which God made us. Now chosing to ignore the enemy and focusing only on God's workmanship, and allowing God to make our lives meanigful. It helps us feel the purpose of it, so we get ready to go to our Father's home in Heaven. Christ came into our lives to reinstantiate God's love into our lives and put God's love back into our hearts. It is through the sharing of His love that we share the Kingdom of Heaven. Prioritizing Love for God and Love for others in our lives, redefines the way we look at life. Loving God and others makes us more humble and be more responsive.

Opening our lives for God to lead it in His way is like living a life which we did not know existed. Till the time we are in the shelter of our parents we are not impacted by whatever is happening around us. During my school days, though there were multiple political changes going around, my daily life was least impacted by it. But now, every minor change in the politics and policies has impact on my daily life, directly or indirectly. The challenge here is we are thrown out into the world to live, even though we are not ready or learnt how to live. So most of us fail and fall in our initial few years of our lives. But then we really try to look at others and try to learn to live. The challenge is to move from the parental love to God's love. It is not something that comes from any book or any other individual. Learning the presence and love of God, makes our life more meaningful and purposeful. Learning to live the life the right way is a Blessing that comes from God.

This winter I have been most thankful to God for enabling me to be able to walk in the snow and be able to lead a near to regular life. Praise God for giving me the strength and support to be able to do strengthen my feet by going to the gym and to be able to walk confidentaly during the winter. Helping me to be me, a better version than what I was before. God breaks the weaker us and builts us with stronger Him. He breaks us to show how weak we are, He builds us to show How strong He is.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said - wonderful.


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