Looking at the Transformation on the Cross..

Good Friday.. when I am looking at the Cross.. I can feel how painful it should have been to Mother Mary and all the disciples to look at Jesus Christ going through all the sufferings for our sake.. but at the same time.. I feel how it might have be felt to see the scriptures coming to life.. it should have been a moment which is beyond the imagination.. like a miracle with the word of God happening in front of their eyes.. the words (in the scritures) are no longer just the promises.. they are true and it is happening right in front of their eyes.. to see someone who was with them.. but going so far away from them.. but brining the scriptures deep inside their heart to life..

It is a moment when they see their most near and dear Jesus dying in the cross.. but at the sametime.. the scriptures which is their faith coming to life.. actually when I look into their heart.. it is not empty.. they have their heart bubbling with faith.. I wonder how it would feel to have their flesh grieving about the death of Jesus but their spirit excited about the mircale on the cross.. the Holy Scriptures.. the words.. "they paid me thirty pieces of silver".. "They divided my clothes among them and cast lots for my garment.".. "was numbered with the transgressors".. "they pierce my hands and my feet" "your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey,".. .. these and many more is no longer just scriptures.. it is happening right in front of their eyes.. they are true and real..

Not sure how it feels.. Jesus was with them all the time.. and He had been eating, talking and drinking with them.. but now they see Him on the cross.. they realize how precious and how valuable.. and they cannot stop Him.. because He come for this and they should be happy that He accomplishing why He came for.. and they should also be happy about the how true is the Spirit of God and their Faith.. is not just a book or a word.. it is Real and True.. they are seeing the living Word of God.. the Word of God come to Life.. being written with Human flesh (body and blood) of Jesus on the Cross.. There is no words to explain the fullness in the Heart of someone who had faith in Holy Scriptures, loved Jesus and see the Word of God come to life in Jesus.. I just Love Him for what He did.. It is so amazing and marvelous..

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