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When we were sitting in our desks on a gloomy rainy day, my colleague asked my how is everything going on with you? It was around mid November and I answered him that I am looking forward to Halloween by end of this month, then to Thanks Giving by end of November and Christmas by end of December.

I realized how true it is that in our lives we always look forward to some upcoming events or dates which keeps us moving forward and walking past the days towards these milestone dates. We have personal and Spiritual milestones we look forward to. Personal milestones may be personal like our Birthday, or a Work or Family anniversary, or a community event like the Independence day. These events are special days, which makes us feel the accomplishment and we feel that we are Blessed and loved by others and by our Lord. Looking forward to these events make us forget our daily not so interesting things that go on around us. As kids, the joy for these events are more than what we feel as the grown-ups. But as we grow-up we have lot many milestones we have added in the year, in addition to the milestones we enjoyed as kids.

Looking forward for the day of His coming is the most important milestone in our lives, if I understand it right, everyday and every hour in our life should be marked with this milestone in our mind, we should be watchful about the day and the hour of His coming. Most of the time we forget to remember this, because we are busy with all the above mentioned personal milestones. We have to be looking forward to this with so much preparedness everyday, we don't want to be like the foolish virgins or the servants who is caught drunk and beating the fellow servants when the master returns. If we are taking for granted the love of God, because of which He died for us on the cross, and ignoring the commands He gave us to love our God the Father and our neighbors and help the poor and needy ones and spread the word of the Gospel to save the word and have our Faith rooted in the Lord, we will not be worthy to rejoice on the day of His coming.

I humbly pray and repent for all my misses and failure to take look forward to the day and hour of His coming, instead being more focused on my personal milestones. I really Pray that our Lord will give me the Blessing to turn my focus from looking at the personal milestones to looking at the Spiritual milestones. In Jesus name. Amen. 

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Thanks that was good

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I agree.

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