Love your God and Love your neighbors

God did not give us pain to punish us He gave us pain so that we can learn and stop hurting others. God created us with the Joy of Love and the Pain of Suffering. The instict of sucide and instinct of taking someone's life, is not alien to a human being.

Judas who betrayed Jesus is the most prominent example in Bible for the Suicide. He took His own life, He sold Jesus Christ for few silver coins, and He killed His own life. Neither did He love God the Creator nor did he have any value for God's creation. He sold God for a few silver coins and He destroyed his own life. He did not love His God. Bible teaches us to love your God and do not consider anything more than your God. Judas considered money more than Jesus Christ. Satan filled him with the instinct of Suicide that He took His own life.

Cain killed Abel in a instict. God warned Him that Sin is crouching outside the door. But he did not pay attention to what God was saying, but He commited the first blood shed in the human lives. Bible teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Cain did not love his own brother, he killed his brother due to his jealousy. God created all of us with flesh and blood, we all know the pain and suffering. We know the pain when we get hurt, we know the pain when we fall down, we know the pain when someone hurt's us. It is our duty to protect someone from pain, rather than hurting others.

Love your God and Love your neighbors these are the two things God expects us to do. When we do this neither will we kill ourselves nor will we kill anybody else.