Majesty of the Lord who walks on the clouds.

Our Lord God whose majesty is much beyond human capacity. When I read Psalm 93 and Psalm 104 and look at the Majesty, Splendor and Might of the Lord. When I close my eyes and meditate on these verses, the Holy Spirit really reveals us on How the Lord walks and moves in His splendor. But at the same time, when I am crying for Help He is near me listening to my cry and taking care of my need. He is such an amazing God. For the sake of the people who believe in Him, He gave up His splendor and came down to the earth to endure all the sufferings to take us back with Him to the Heaven.

We human beings are made of flesh and we walk on the earth, we build homes out of wood and bricks, we clothe ourselves with cotton, we ride in our fuel driven vehicles. The Lord clothes himself with the Light, He makes Heavens His home, He rides on the winds, and He makes flames His servant. It feels so amazing to know the Lord is so Majestic and High. It is so amazing to know that the Lord came down to invite us the lowly people to come and live with Him in the Heavens, it is such a privileged invitation to us human beings.

As He moves along the heavens, to look through the earth, and He positions everything on this earth the rivers, the water, the mountains, valleys, the moon, the living beings and everything on this earth, He defines the boundaries, the routines, the paths and the duties for everything on this earth. His wisdom defines every law and the rule on this earth. We look up to Him for all our needs and He listens to our Prayers and grants our needs. He sends the rains to the land, He provides the food to the living beings, and He provides the needs of light to the World.

It is so Humbling that such a Majestic Lord came down and died on the Cross for us, and for our Salvation. It is the Salvation is to worship and serve such aa amazing Lord.

Michael Cole @michaelcole ·

Very cool.
Ever think about how thousands of Christians earthly needs do not get met everyday? How they die of starvation?
Just another way that God is so far above what we can fathom.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonerful read with excellent analogies.


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