Mature self to face the world on your own

Life feels a blessing and joyful with people who make us feel important, but they don't continue to be with us all along, and slowly we get into situations where we have to face the world and its challenges by your own and start feeling unimportant.

In Genesis, Adam's life started with God making him feel so important, God made him in His own image, God brought all the birds and animals He created to Adam, for Adam to name them. God went one step further to create a wife Eve to help Adam. God made Eve feel important by creating her with the rib and not with the dust, also by child bearing He made her feel important. But at some point the relationship broke. Adam and Eve were no longer near the one who made them feel so important. They were all by their self into the world.

Jacob (Israel) loved Joseph more than any of his brothers. Joseph had the vision revealing his importance over his brothers. But his brothers planned to kill him, they threw him into a cistern, and finally sold him to the Medianites. Joseph was left all by himself.

David's life, he was a Sheperd, he was the least important in his father's home. But one fine day Samuel showed up into his life, and anointed him to be the King of Israel. After that David was by himself to slowly explore and find his way to become the Great King of Isreal. He was out into the world by himself to be the King.

In Jesus Christ's life on earth, John the Baptist revealed his importance to the world, by calling Him the "Behold the Lamb of God". After that John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. Jesus Christ was by himself to make his disciples and to establish the Kingdom of God.

Looking closely into our lives we always find people who make us feel important, sometimes our parents, our siblings, our friends, our collegues, spouse or may be someone whom we really loves us. But in this life the bitter reality is we cannot have them always with us, sometimes we move on or they move on. Sometimes we may have all our people around but our sickness might take our importance away. And we are left alone with the world in which we feel unimportant.

Adam had children Cain and Abel, which turned to be a disaster when Cain killed Abel. Joseph was sent to jail because of the cunning wife of Potiphar. David was left with Saul who will send people to kill him, and get his daugher married to someone else instead of David, and many other things making the life of David miserable. The Jews tried to prove Jesus Christ wrong, arrest Him and try to find fault with him, and finally Jesus Christ was left all alone when His disciple aslo left Him before He was crucified.

In the world were we are left with the feeling of being unimportant, moving forward is so difficult, it is feels like someone having kept a big thousand pound burden in your heart and ask you to move. Its Hard, feels like when Jesus Christ was carrying the cross on His shoulder. It is painful to move in an unimportant world. But we have to get out of it, stopping there makes us feel like being in Hell.

Adam moved forward and God blessed him with Seth, who was in his own image. Joseph became the incharge of the land of Egypt. David moved on to become the Great King of Israel. Jesus Christ died on the Cross and rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Father, as the Son of God.

They were not alone in their journey to claim thier importance in the world, God was with them. It is the Spirit of God and their Faith working togather, in reclaiming their importance in world which was around them proving them to be unimportant. This jorney belongs to each and everyone of us where we claim the importance and the vision which God has for us.