Most of us are like Peter in our relationship with the Lord..

When we look at the Gospels, among the Twelve disciples, Peter has the most conversations with Lord Jesus..

There are many instances in the gospels which reveal the unique bondage that Peter has with our Lord. When we read the Gospel of Matthew.. Simon Pater and his brother Andrew are the first disciples to be called by Jesus as He started His sermons and preaching.. Peter's mother-in-law is one among the first people to be healed by Jesus.. and when Jesus asks "Who do you think I am.." Peter says.. "You are the Christ.. Son of the Living God".. and during the storm Peter steps out of the boat looking at the Lord.. and when the soldiers come to arrest Jesus, Peter cuts of the ear of the soldier with his knife.. Peter enters inside the empty tomb first to see that the Lord is no more in the grave.. and then on looking at the resurrected Christ.. Peter jumps out of the boat and swims to the shore to meet the Lord.. and when the Holy Spirit comes in Peter gives his first sermon..

Like most of us Peter has the blend of Trust, Faith, Obedience, affection, hope and strength for the Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time he has the doubt, curiosity,fear, anxiety, guilt like any of us. Jesus Christ works it out to bring out the best of Peter in every situation, Jesus Christ moulds Him in every way.. when Peter sinks into water because of his doubt Jesus holds him.. when Peter is crying because of his guilt Jesus forgives him and encourages Him.. when Peter asks questions out of curiosity Jesus Christ answers him.. when Peter says to Jesus Christ "You are the Son".. Jesus Christ recognizes Him and provides him a new name and responsibility.. when Peter cut the ear of the soldier.. Jesus protected him by healing the soldier.. when Peter is overconfident in saying even if everyone leaves you I will not leave you Jesus corrects him by saying before the rooster crows you will deny me thrice.. after the resurrection and assension.. Jesus Christ continues to be watchful and working on Peter.. moulding him and showing him the right direction.. through His Holy Spirit.. through the vision to guide Peter to eat with uncircumcised men.. by releasing Peter from prison.. and many other instances.. Jesus Christ continued His presence in the life of Peter..

When I look at the life of Peter and his relationship with Jesus Christ, I feel Jesus Christ is as good and caring of me as he was of Peter.. correcting me.. leading me.. holding me.. strengthening me.. guiding me.. preaching me.. my relationship with the Lord does not end with reading the Bible.. it is an everlasting one. He will never leave me alone..


Yeah so true !

Most people don't believe that Christ Jesus is not just the word ,but He is the spirit and the truth and as your statement of it does not end with the word well said because the spirit is ever present in those who believe as the word says that Christ is more than just word for He is joy peace hope love .

Be forever blessed

Beth M @blest ·

:clap: I do love Peter so... yup, cuz he's so darn human!

Great blog!

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