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Past week has been so busy, with unexpected challenges popping up. My mind was so occupied and busy, continuing my normal routine was becoming a challenge, I have been sleeping late, eating outside and busy running around etc.,

What changed? Many things have changed. First, I shifted to a new shared accomodation. Second, in my job they are expecting me to take up some additional responsibilities which kind of require me to work late. Third, I have enrolled for a gym so that I can strengthen my feet. Interestingly all these came up at almost the same time, and I am finding it kind of challenging to manage my time.

When things are looking messy around.. where does perfection come into the picture here..

Though I have been to the gym before, but never been there with a target or a goal to acheive or spoken to a trainier asking his guidance to strengthen my feet. I have always been doing things to the best of what I know, but today have learnt to reach out to someone who is a professional trainer who can help me with what I want to do. The perfection comes in when you have someone to push you harder to do better and say "Hey Deepa you can do better." When my traniner asked me in the scale of 1-5 how do I feel.. when I say 2.. the load increases till I get to the number 4 in the scale. The interesting part is that by the end of the session though it feels physically exhausting, but mentally it really feels energizing because I am pushing harder and the feel of being able to do, makes me feel being on the road to perfection. Same with my Job, earlier when people used to push me I used to resist, but now started moving, seeking guidance. In my job the issue is when people see the potential, life gets busier. Same with my home as well, I have already rearranged all the stuffs in my room twice, due to some troubles.

I am juggling with multiple balls in the air, and it looks chaotic. But God enables me hold all the balls without dropping any of those.

When I look at Genesis when God created man, but man chose to listen to the sepent and move away from God's plan, the Satan plotting to hide the truth of God in darkness, Jesus Christ being not accepted as the Messaih, the terrorist attacks happening around, the people moving away from the Biblical teachings. It feels like it is a chaos, Satan is leading people to fear people saying things are out of control, and everything is going to get destroyed, everyone is going to doom. But God is moving all of these towards perfection, on the day of the Lord, Man will be more perfect than he has ever been, Satan will be perfectly defeated, Jesus Christ will be accepted as the Messiah, the world will be more loving and peaceful than it could have ever been, People will be perfecly aligned to the Biblical words than ever before.

Today the intermediate state seems to be Chaotic, but the Lord's day will be perfect and we are moving towards it as His family. There will be celebrations with Praises raising to Heaven on His Day.

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