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When I first moved from New Jersey to Brentwood, the calmness and the stillness around here was bothering me. I was feeling so lonely without the noise or the crowd or the busy people. But now I feel when I go to Seattle I am going to miss the quiet natural surroundings of Brentwood.

Last year, I did not know that there is a place called Brentwood in Tennesse or there is Tractor Supply Company or there is a Fellowship Bible church or the Landings of Brentwood Apartment. But now when it is time for me to move to a different project, as I pack my bags I sit back and wonder, how many new experiences, new people, new places God revealed for me during my 7 months stay here in Brentwood. Every place I go in with the hope that this might be my permanent home, but then after the project gets completed, I have to move out. Daily and weekly routine are not going to be the same, the days are not going to be the same, makes it difficult to accept the change.

We are not self sufficient and we need the support and help from other people to make our lives complete. During the past 7 months in Brentwood, I would have personally known more than hundred new people, at work, at home, in church. They all have been so good and nice and supporting. It is a blessing to be able to meet people with whom I can pray, worship and share the faith with. It has been such a blessing. God brought in loving and caring friends who took care of me like their own family. As we pray for their needs and the Lord answers and helps each one to overcome the situation, we all stay one as a family in Jesus Christ. God brings in new people and relationships into our lives. Interestingly, it just takes a few minutes and a word of prayer to get a new friend in Christ, because He called us "Friends". It is the commitment which we have for Jesus to support each other which defines the relationship.

I am happy to make new friends, but I can never be happy to leave friends. But still God has a plan and He will keep every friend of mine safe and will continue to bring in new people and relationships into my life, while the old memories and the relationships still stay happy and fresh in our mind. Thanks to all the SMS, emails and other means for people to keep in touch with the people we know in our lives. Sometimes I dont see the complete plan or the picture God has for my life, I just see what is the past and the present, but still God has the complete plan for me in my life. I know, I have to just commit to the plan of the Lord with the hope, Faith that God who has kept me safe thus far, will keep me safe and lead me home. I Love you, God.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

God is moving you on keep your eyes on him during this change

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Safe journey and I pray your friendship book overflows.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Whether we physically move or whether it is a matter of our circumstances simply changing in another way, I like to refer to it as being on
"God's New Assignment". That causes me to get a feeling of anticipation of what He has in store next, even though I may grieve leaving the "old assignment" behind.

May God bless you as you move on to your "new assignment" and your "adventure with God" continues. :mrgreen:

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