My life is a story by God.

Sometimes when everything happening around goes uncontrolled, it is hard to really understand and appreciate what is going on. Last year around the sametime I had my broken foot, healing. This year I dont even have any traces of the hardships I went through last year. God is wonderful.

Again this year I am going through lots troubles at work and in my personal life. But I know, next year this time, I will be surrounded by a totally different kind of problems and I might not even remember what I am going through. Life is all about learning to hold the hands of God.

Trying to find meaning in the situations is meaningless. Trying to hold on to God and see Him in all situations and Glorifying Him for how strong He has made me as compared to who I was yesterday. Crossing the river is hard, but when we start realizing that the river cannot drown us because the Saviour is with us. He is protecting us and saving us and leading us in every situation.

Learning to hold on to Him, instead of trusting the other people around us the key of Joy in this life. But in this life, we are dependent beings and we cannot be self sufficient. Also, the ability to carry our own cross and walk behind Him is the biggest strength of believing in Him.

The cross that I carry is the love that He has for me. The cross of Joy, The cross of Salvation, The cross of Journey to Heaven, The cross of Hope, The cross of Eternal Life, The cross of Peace, The cross of Joy, the Cross of everlasting love, The cross of being the Child of God, the cross of being the one whom Jesus loves.

Life sometimes leads us into the deep pit, but then our Lord pulls us out of it into His light. He raises us in His Glory and makes us shine in His light. We look unique and different in His Glory.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was truly beautiful thank you

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Amen, Deepa. Amen.

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