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During the start of this December month one of my friends gifted me a prayer Journal for Christmas. This is my first experience with using a Prayer Journal. I am using it for most of this month. I did not realize that it is such an amazing way to be in touch with Lord and converse with Him on my daily needs and thank Him for what He has done for me today and Pray for the upcoming things for tomorrow.

Sometimes in a bigger picture this life seems so lost and lacks passion and meaning. This nice habit of writing brings in life the connection with the Lord in smaller steps makes me feel more purpose and joy in the Lord. Many times when we try to look at life as a big picture, the beauty and the joy in our day to day life is missing. Bigger picture brings in anxiety, because in reality we don't know what might happen.

I have the habit of Praying to the Lord for my needs. I read my Bible everyday. But this Journal is more personal than any of these to me and my God. It helps me and God to walk more closer to each other. It is helps me look deep into myself and pour out my feelings for Him. It feels that everyday by night, I pour out my heart all of my thoughts, feelings and loneliness into the Journal and sleep with the hope with the Lord loves me and cares for me and I am not alone. God is near me as I write the Journal and I am somehow free of my burdens. I love this regular conversation with God. About the happenings daily and how much He is doing for me every day. Though it takes not more than ten minutes for me to fill-in two pages for a day. But still it gives the satisfaction of the nearness to the Lord.

My nearness to the Lord has increased on the past few weeks. It feels like a child writing whatever is in its heart to the father, who is so compassionate, caring, forgiving and loving with the confidence, faith, trust and hope. I write my sorry to Lord for some mistakes. I write my Prayers for my anxieties. The next day when God answers my Prayers and takes care of my anxious situations and gives me the strength to over come that situation, I thank Him for taking care of me.

I don't know how it will feel after one year or two years, will I continue to write. What will happen after ten years will I come back to read these Journals. I don't know. But still I just know that God has taught me something me, which keeps my truthful and loving to Him.

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That is such a great story. A journal can be an extremely difficult thing to stay committed too, but if you can, it can have an amazing impact on your spiritual life.

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