My soul, I wish I could see you

I love learning new things, it is a never ending appetite for learning. I feel in this world there are so many new things that I can keep learning for ever and ever. As compared to the things that can be learnt and done on this world, my life seems so small. But still in this time and life God has blessed me with, I feel so eager and enthused to keep learning new things. Even if I am not interested in learning, this life keeps teaching something new everyday through its challenges.

Though I am a very slow learner, and it takes me years to skill myself in what I have learnt, I don't really give up, I keep trying to do what I have learnt, till I am able to do it to my satisfaction. I learnt painting 5 years back, and it took me so many years to be able have the confidence that I can gift my paintings to my loved ones and they will love it. My blogs have evolved through so many years. Recently I started Zumba classes, I have not done dancing in the childhood or my teens, but now I feel so amazed to learn it. Also, train my muscles and strengthen my body is a new learning.

After the tiresome workout when I sit in my room, I wonder to look inside me my soul, and my spirit, deep with in me, something which is so far away and deep within, which my mind or my self cannot perceive how it looks and what it is made of. To my mind it is like peeping into a deep dark hole, which I cannot really see anything. It is hard to understand what it is up-to.

Though I can feel the emotions, it is hard to understand, the joy, the pain, the loneliness, the enthusiasm, the hope and the search tied to my soul. It feels like this body is a cage, within which my soul lives, and I really feel it so hard, to understand and make others understand it. 

Sometimes this human life, we spend so much time to understand our own soul and try to keep it happy. But when in Christ, He teaches us to look at Him in whose image we were created to understand our soul and try to walk with him, and remember that He is the Way, Light and the Truth, instead if trying to run behind something which is hidden and unknown.  

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

These days it seems as if I am doing a lot of running behind something that I cannot seem to see or grasp, thanks for the blog and the encouragement to try to stay focused on the Lighted Way!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


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