Need to be Humble to Receive the Grace.

My simple charity towards a homeless woman on the bus, made her say the wordsto me"May you receive the Grace. When I receive the Grace I will want extend the same and share withothers as well." I felt so amazed by the realization that "I need to be Humble to receive the grace."

Bible and Jesus Christ make it very clear and straight, that we cannot enter the kingdom with pride, you need to be humble. In a way I am thankful to this life and the hardships that I face in life that made me humble, as a sheep. It taught me to listen to the Shepherd's voice rather than to rely on my own wisdom. The hardships taught me to give up my pride and to rely on the Holy Spirit. The hardships taught me to be in His shield and not to run away from Him, not to make any decisions in haste, to pray to Him and to wait on Him, and let Him leadmy path and make paths straight.

Being Humble enables us to surrender to Him like a sheep, totally trusting on Him, totally dependent on Him, totally following Him, totally looking at Him and the purpose of the life is to be useful to Him in every way. The purpose of this life is to be useful to the Lord. There is nothing that the sheep gets out of it life, it is the master who gets all the benefit out of the sheep's life. Our humbleness should be more of sacrificing the self for the glory of the cross. We need to as Humble as Jesus Christ is to His Father.

John 10:4 When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.


Great message Deepa !

It is the simple things that brought the greatest reward in Christ Jesus .

Be forever blessed


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