Not just a spectator

Acts 20:24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. (NIV)


For some reason this world is always on a constant move, if we don't move without we will be left behind. Sometimes it just feels that it will be so good if we can be just be a spectator, and not having to run the race. But it is just not possible to stand behind and watch all the loved ones leave, we have to run the race to stay with our loved ones. To be with them, to be able to communicate, spend time with them and to be with them, we have to be in the same race as them.

Interestingly not everyone chooses to run the same race. Some people run the worldly race, some the race of flesh, some run the spiritual race, some run the Christian race. We have to chose the race, which we want to run, and learn to love and be with the people who are running the same race.

When we run, we assume that the whole world has nothing else to do, but watch us, judge us and appreciate us. But this is not true everyone has their own race to run. Still we get sometime to relax, take a break and spend sometime to guide and coach others on how to run the race. We get sometime do some retrospective on how to run my own race better. But we have to get back to the race again.

We need people who teach us, "This is how you should run". Children need guidance on how to run the race right. They need guidance on how to get back to the race from the point where they missed, they need more support and training on how to run better. Jesus Christ Christ showed us the race to run, how to run, how to finish and the reward for finishing the race, which is eternal life.

What it takes to finish the race, is much more than running the race. Running multiple races, or being spectators of other races, makes us loose our time and effort. making it harder to finish our race, which we have chose to run in the Lord. Equipping ourselves with all the physical, mental and spiritual strength needed for us to run our race to finish it is more important.


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Good blog

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I agree. This is a great blog. Thank you!

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