Not just the destination God looks at the path as well

Our Journey to the Heaven starts when we accept the salvation given to us through the death and resurrection of our Lord on the cross. God has given us time to refine our ways and sanctify ourselves, learn to love, be compassionate with other and be able to bear fruits of the Holy Spirit. He has provided us the time to humble ourselves, be prayerful, be on fasting, be submissive and prepare our lives in the Kingdom of Heaven. The time here on this earth is really a very short span as compared to the eternity of God. Our daily life we lead on this earth is the path we take to Heaven. Jesus Christ showed us how to walk, and He called it out clearly that He is the way to the Father. We are called to be His followers to Heaven, by living our lives the way He showed us during on this earth.

When we reach the destination, God also looks at the path we took to reach our destination. What is it that we are doing as we walk along the path to Heaven? Are we taking Salvation seriously and are living a pious life? Are we fighting to resist the temptation and the Devil? Are we helping the poor and the needy? Are we spending time reading the Bible and proclaiming the Gospel? Are we leading a life acceptance to our Lord? Are we walking by His commandments? Are we making our lives and our path to Heaven is lead by the Holy Spirit and we refrain from walking in ways that offend our Lord Jesus Christ? Are we looking at the path we walk and making it worthy to be a living sacrifice to our Lord Jesus Christ?

The path to Heaven is like silver being refined in a crucible seven times. We are being made more and more pure and Holy to be made worthy of living in the Kingdom of God. If we are not feeling the heat of being refined and being sanctified from our sinful lives, then it means that the path we are taking to Heaven is not effective enough to the calling which we have. God has blessed us with Spirit of Strength, Confidence, Endurance, and if we are not experiencing the passion and the fire inside our being, then we are missing the greatest gift of love from our Lord Jesus Christ.

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