On this Rock I will Build my Church.

These trees play a very important role in our daily and lives, the food we eat, the houses we live, the furnitures we use, the oil we use, and many other things, the list is never ending. We are totally so much dependent on these trees for our lives. We see trees almost everywhere, in the Bible we see so many references to trees, seeds, fruits, branches, roots, flowers, plants. The characteristics of the trees are used in so many instances. Treesare the most common and easily understandable exampleto everyone, there will be rarely someone who has never come across a tree in their life. We pass through hundreds of trees in our daily life, and these trees stand as thereminders to so many verses in the Bible, and demonstrating us the kind of life we are called to live. Trees have been part every important event in the Bible, starting with Genesis creation, then the Sin of Adam and Eve (Forbidden Tree), Noah to build the Ark, then the Olive branch that showed the sign of life, tree to build the temple of the Lord, then finally the Tree on which the Lord was Crucified (The cross).

There are approximatly 48 Bible verses about trees, 21 verses related to seeds, around 34 verses on fruits, 44 bible verses about vines or branches, around 61 verses on roots, 26 bible verses about flowers, 41 Bible verses on plants. If we look at very closely we are called to live like a fruit bearing tree.

When Jesus called Peter He said on this Rock I will build my Church. Am I the tree or the rock?Jesus Christsays Peter is the rock, so obviously I am the rock and Jesus Christ Himself is the Seed and the Tree, who grows over the Rock to be the Big Tree. Sometimes we think our situations made us so tough and rocky, so will the Seed of Christ be able to grow in us, will our toughness be a hinderence for the Seed to germinate, and grow, will I be able to provide Him, will I be able to meet His needs. But when I look at the Trees that grow in the Rocky mountains, they Grow big and strong. No matter how Hard we are Christ will Grow on us, that is why He chose Peter the Rockto Build His Church.

In a way, God allows the situations to be tough in our lives so that our relationship with Him is also so strong, tough and everlasting.

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