One passion, one vision, one desitination

From my new office in New York, I can see the new One WTC. When I see it I always remember the past that happened with he the Twin WTC. Remembering all the attacks that are going on around the world, and looking that the Faith, the people and the Passion leading all these attacks. I look at Jews, their faith and what they Believe in. I look at Muslims and their Faith and their Beliefs. I look at Christians their Faith and their Beliefs. I look at Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and all other people their Faiths and Beliefs. I sit before Him and look at Him on the cross.

I Look at the Bible, I know from where all these People and these Faiths come from. They are all in Here, in God's Book of Creation. All part of the Story of the Salvation. It is the story of God and Man. The story of God and Adam, the story of God and Noah, the story of God and Abraham, the story of Faith, the story of the journey of leaving the home of worshiping Idols and other Gods, to follow the one Living God. Who is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

But interestingly there are conflicts in every generation between the brothers born of the same father. The sons of Adam, Cain and Abel had a conflict, which lead to the first bloodshed in the History of creation. Abraham's two sons Ishmael and Issac, had conflicts. Then, Issac's sons Esau and Jacob had conflicts. Then, Jacob's son Joseph had conflicts with his brothers. Again the conflict continued with the story of David, where his sons fought among themselves for the kingdom and with their Father, and the Kingdom was divided into two. The story does not end here, Adam and Jesus, there is a conflict and Jesus Christ was crucified, but because of His obedience God brought Jesus Christ back to life to be His only son.

It really makes me wonder why would brothers fight for Father's love. But still we fight for our share of love, but we need to undertand that there is no share, there is only one love and it is for all who obey. The love is not for Adam who disobeyed but for Jesus who obeyed. We are called to obey the Father, be His beloved son to be the rightful heir of His sonship. Being born of the Father with His image is lost when someone choses to disobey. We have one passion, one Faith, , one Lord Jesus Christ, one Spirit, one Father, one Destination, one Salvation on the cross.