Only He can be God

Usually I think of possible titles for my blog all through the week, and finally settle down on the one that I feel comfortable on for Saturday morning, this week I had a diverse list of topics like "Teaching your heart to love and forgive", "going with the flow", "I wish it were real", but then finally settled down with the same title which I thought on last Sunday "Only He can be God."

Last Sunday when I was in the Church looking at the Crucifix, I felt standing how difficult or impossible it is to stand in His shoes and look at the people around Him. Being in a house where most people who are coming to Him are the sick, poor and the suffering. The people who come to Him are mostly in Pain and Tears with loads of requests to ask for, with a huge list of the grievances in the heart. I felt "Only He can be God".

When the Lord Heals the pain only one out of nine turn up to the Lord and Thank Him for what He has done. Other nine no longer remember to turn back to Him, they are all happy to go out into the world and have fun in the world. I felt "Only He can be God".

All around the world there are millions of people who are in pain and suffering, due to war, due to natural calamities, due to rules. Thousands of people whose jobs get into risk everyday and they don't know how to earn their bread and save their families. There are thousands of children who go to bed hungry, thousands of women who are affected by domestic violence, there are thousands of people affected by accidents, there are thousands of sick people who are getting treated in the hospitals, there are thousands of old people who are out there in the world with no one take care of. I felt "Only He can be God".

Taking a closer look at Him, the God of all this chaotic world around. He sits there in His Throne of Grace, Mighty, Majestic, Enthroned, Holy, Adorable, Truthful, Faithful, Loving, Powerful, Authoritative, In control, Awesome, Amazing, Compassionate, Wise, Healer, Judge, Victorious, Glorious, Merciful. I felt "Only He can be God"

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful well said loved it

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