Our Desitnation depends on whom we follow

I came into Christ with the Promise of a better and safe life, following these verses in Psalms "With His feathers He will cover you, under his wings you will find safety.", "renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary"

It has been about 8 yrs since I started to follow Jesus Christ, I got Baptized in 2008. It was a big jump for me. Baptism and conversion had its reflections on my way of life and on my identity, the people with whom I spend my time, the people whom I call as my own. It took years for people around me to accept me with my new identity. It really took me my first four years to understand the Lord, the Bible, the Faith, how things are organized in the world.

By the end of 4yrs I thought I understood my Path and I should start walking. I was sitting in my room in Atlanta all by myself. When I say by myself, it not just for the moment, but also in my life. I thought it was a turning point and I have to walk to find my path. I walked for four years, and now I am still sitting in a my room in New Jersey, all by my self with my feet healing. 4yrs have not been easy I moved from east to west and west to east, all around. I was not searching for God, I have Him already, but I was searching for something more.

There is a difference between when I was sitting in my room in Atlanta and now when I am sitting in New Jersey after 4yrs. The transformation from a Social being to a Spiritual Being. When I was in Atlanta I sitting by myself because I was away from my society, my friends, my family and the crowd that I am used to. Though I came out, I did not realize that my heart was still searching for the Society. May be a different commuity of Christ which is so pure, good, selfless and holy. Everytime I step out to search for it, I come back not finding when I want, so again entering my solitude. But with hope to find something more.

But now when I am sitting here in New Jersey with my Feet healing. I know I am no longer searching forany society. I know how the world is, it is the same as what it was when I started 8 yrs back, and it is not changing a bit. People are the same, nothing is changing. But something changed and it is within me. I always feel the verse which Jesus told Peter "When you are young you dressed up yourself and walked where you wanted to go, but when you grow old others dress you up and they take you where you do not want to go".

Jesus Christ called us to carry our CROSS and follow. Also, He told I am the WAY, the TRUTH and LIFE.

Now going back to my promise of a better and safe life. There is no question or doubt about it. When we are in Christ we choose to build our nest in HIM, which is safe and better, like a builder who layed it foundation in Christ, which has many pearls which no other nest can provide, it is built with freedom, faith, hope, trust, peace, love and glory of the Lord. These are not visible to any human eyes.

When we live on this earth we face the same issues, problems, sickness and challenges as any other human being, it is no less, but still Christ through His CROSS gives us the strength to CROSS over.

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