Our Heart leads the way to Joy or Sorrow

Taming the Heart is like taming a wild beast. It really takes a lot of effort and struggle to really get the heart behave the way I want it to be. If I can get my heart behave right, it transforms my life to be like Heaven, otherwise it creates a Hell out of my life. It is so **** difficult to get the heart do what is perfect. This heart has the ability to behave like a child or a saint or a beast or anything and everything. How it behaves is something someone has minimal control over.

It is not just me, there isn't one single heart on this earth which is easy to tame and behaves properly by default. No matter whose the child it is, what situation the child grows, the heart never gets it right by default. It thinks crooked by default. There isn't a perfect situation for the heart to grow prefect in the whole world. It needs to be tamed to be perfect. Most of us realize that taming our heart is inevitable, when it make our lives misreable. That is when many go in search of God, religion, spirituality and everything possible on this earth, to just control the tiny tiny heart which is deep inside me which is hurting, paining, whining and making my life miserable.

The interesting part is that it is only the self which can tame the heart. If the parents or any other indvidual tries to tame it, it grows in the terribly wrong direction and heart becomes harder and closed, making the life more miserable for the individual. It is like a caterpillar into a cacoon, which weaves the cacoon out of the hatred, and then finally when it realizes that it is all terrible, it breaks open the cacoon to come out as a beautiful butterfly. It is always required that the self holds on to the rod, stick and the rope that ties from your brain to the heart, so you keep watching, listening and taming the baby inside you. It is just takes a lifetime to really be in love with your stupid heart, which never grows up, it goes in cricles, it needs you to use all your brain all your strength to get it straight, it is just tiring and frustrating sometimes.

Fear of God, religious Faith, Spirituality, Commitment are ways to bind your heart from the evil ways. Fasting, meditation, repentence are the baby first steps towards taming the heart. Interestingly all the religions of the world teach these basics. I saw a video of the Buddhist monks taming the tigers like how we tame dogs. Muslim brothers have the Ramazan fasting. The ancient Indian history talks about many saints who renounced all their worldly life and went to fasting and meditation in deep forests and ashrams. But just fasing is not the end of the story, the climax is always the divine revelation like, what Buddha found under the bodhi tree, or the appearance of numerous of Gods and Goddesses to the Hindu saints. What it really means is personal between the individual and God, the Father. I cannot explain.

The next steps the Taming the heart is the craving of it, the last step before it lets go. It cries and asks for it, the love of the self either gives up, or divert it to something else, but to be careful to make sure that it does not get addicted to the next alternative, is another headache. You just give your baby a toy to play and to get rid of that toy you give another one to play again, to get rid of that you give one more. Thats not the solution.

When I look at Bible Jesus Christ teaches us that we have a purpose, aligning and training the Heart towards that purpose is what makes the Heart the most busy. Finding the purpose which makes the heart happy and teaching the same to work on the purpose is the best way to tame the heart. The purpose of the calling is to "Love God and Love others", which is the most difficult moto in life, where you renouce the love for self and prioritize the love of God and others in your life. You will be surprised to see a nice loving smiling baby inside you instead of a big growling, sad beast inside.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Good word - if you can tame the tongue I believe you are on the way to having a tamed heart.


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