Painting His Face

As I continue to read the Gospel of John for the forth time as part of my daily reading, I find it mysteriously exciting. It feels as thoughHis image is getting closer my heart. As I read it, the Faith of knowing Him and Him only is increasing.

They way Gospel of John describes Jesus, it talks about a miracle that Jesus Christ performed on earth, and there are few following sections that takes us deep into His relationship with the Father and His purpose on this earth. Again it talks about people's reactionand Pharasies being against Him, the hatred increases as Jesus starts speaking more deeply about His relationship with the Father. Jesus moving from one place to another as His hour has not come yet.

Thecore message of the Gospelis one messageJesus being the Son of God, Messiah, God's chosen one. It keeps repeating the same message in all perspectives again and again, starting with a miracle, and Jesus's relationship with the Father through His message in the Synagouge and the Pharasies planning to kill Jesus. For the Wedding in Cana till the Dying on the cross, the message is so well conveyed by Jesus Christ, through His acts He is performing on others life by Healing them, the message He is giving regarding His purpose and whatis really going on in His life. They all come together during His death on the cross, the Healing of the Sinners, Jesus Christ Being the Son of God and the World's Hatred for Jesus Christ.

In mysteriously weaves a love and faith into the Human Mind which loves Him.

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