People sink in sin when the follow pattern

In this worldly life, we will continue to be in His Glory till we are holding on to the Spirit of God, and deny to be in the Spirit of the world. But when we start getting into the worldly spirit, we become more and more sinful and we feel heavy and burdened with the sin and we start sinking.

When we are holding on to the Spirit of the Lord, we have the freedom, individuality, creativity, the feeling of being fresh and new born every day. Even though we are living in the world, Spirit of God provides us the guidance and support which makes us feel independent, joyful and Peaceful. The Spirit of God fills us with the love and compassion, that we are identified by His presence. Spirit of God gives us the confidence to speak the truth and be righteous and do good to others.

But when people start living in the spirit of the world, they start sinking in the sin,in the burdens, in confusions, in darkness. In the Spirit of world people think they are moving forward, but in reality they are sinking down and inside, the spirit of world is too big as an ocean and our Human mind cannot master and over come the spirit of the world, it takes more and more of it inside and keeps sinning and keeps going down till the bottom, till it realizes that it cannot move any longer. It is inside the darkness, covered by the sins and sicknesses.

By nature after the Sponge sinks into water, it cannot release the water it has observed and absorb air, and come up.

But by the grace of the Blood on the Cross of Jesus Christ, we though we are fully immersed in the sin and in sickness, the Spirit of God remove the Spirit of the World and replace it with the Spirit of God, even in the depths and darkness of sin and sufferrring. All the people who are chosen, accept the Spirit of God through the blood of Christ whe decended to the dead and then ascended to the Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

There is no place in the world where His love cannot reach, there is no cry in the heart which His love cannot hear, there is no injustice in the world that goes un noticed. His Spirit is everywhere and He is the King. There is nothing impossible to Him. All Glory and Honor to Him.

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