Pointing the Children to the Lord and the Word.

Most of the kids grow up, knowing only their biological parents, and some kids dont get to know their biological parent, but they grow up knowing their adoptive parents ir care takers. Irrespective of whom they grow with, most kid do not get the oppurtunity to know their Spritual father. Though they were all created in the image of God, they just grow with the assumption that they were created in the image of their biological parents rather than their spiritual parent.

Children need to know their Spiritual father, know His name, know His Majesty, know His Love for them, know what He wants them to do when they grow up, know where to seek Him, know how to be in Him, know what offends Him, know how powerful He is, know what He had done for them in the Calvary on the cross.

Children's growth is incomplete without knowing their spiritual father, because in the long run, the biological relationships will wither and fall away. The only living, stable and unchanging relationship is the relationship with the Spiritual father, which comes on till the end of their life. They need to know Him who cares for Him.

It is a struggle in this life where kids grow-up without knowing their purpose of creation, and who their creator is, and why are certain things going on in their life, which makes life so chaotic. Where there is no peace, no one to love, no hope, no trust, no faith. It is so difficult to lead a life which does not have God's presence in it.

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