Prepare to see the Glory of God

When Glory of God becomes the purpose of your day to day life, it brings in unique, true and real meaning in our lives.

But how do I see the Glory of God in my day to day life,

  • By Faith and by Belief,
  • His Glory is something which God reveals in our inner being. It starts with our desire to see the Glory of God. There is no limit or boundary to His Glory.
  • Everything around us reveals His Glory. Our own body, our own lives reveal His Glory.
  • It is the thirst in our inner being (soul) to be connected to our creator our Father our own creator. To make our dwelling near the source of the living water.
  • It is the hunger to hold on to His hand to live in His presence in His Light and Righteousness in the world of uncertainties and darkness.
  • Contemplating on the word of God, looking into How His words take the form of life, like in Genesis in creation God created this world by His word. Jesus Christ is the Word of God and He existed with the Father from the very beginning of the life.
  • The Word of God, Word made Flesh our Lord Jesus Christ is the wonderful revelation of His Glory. The promised Word of God to Abraham, the promise of God to Jacob, the Promise of God to David, the promise of Go to the Prophets all coming to life in Jesus.
  • Man does not live by Bread but by every word that comes from God. It is such an amazing thing the way God through the Holy Spirit speaks in our Hearts which we can hear and gives the promises of Hope, life and future to each one of us.&
  • Believing in the word and promise of God and aligning with it, helps us to see the Glory of God as we walk everyday in our life. By spending quiet time with God, and looking and thanking God for what He has done for each and every one of us today.

By Faith, He made us worthy to look at the Glory of God in our past by revealing to us the way He created us, He made us in our mother's womb and sustained us and kept us alive thus far.

By Faith, He enables us to see the Glory of God in our present life by what revealing to us He is doing to us, the good, great and mighty things doing for us in our lives, in our family, at work, in our Churches in our country, in every place we are in.

By Faith, He is preparing us to be able to see His mighty Glory which is planned for the days to come.

By Faith He is preparing us to see His Glory by planting the word of Promise and enabling us to see it by fulfilling it.

By Faith, He enables us to see His Glory Everlasting.

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