Promise, Plan, Spirit, Prayer and Salvation

His Promise : God invites each and Everyone of us who come to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ with a Promise. That promise is written deep in our Soul and it serves as the very purpose of our own existence. We wake up everyday with the hope and trust that we are aligned with God and He will fulfil the promise in our lives. To Peter Jesus Christ said "On this rock I will build my church". To John He gave the "Book of Revelations". To Natheneal He said "You will see the doors of Heaven open and angels ascending and descending on the son of man". These promises are not easy for any man to accomplish with his own strength. But Jesus Christ planned for each and everyone of them.

His Plan : We are tough people with strong will and adamant heart. God has to be tough with us to break our own self-made self and fill us with His loving Spirit, mold us to be in His image to align to His plans to lead us to the promised destiny. Jesus Christ let Peter to be sift as wheat by Satan, and He broke Peter by allowing him to deny Jesus Christ thrice during the night of betrayal, then when Jesus came back He asked "Do you love me?" Gave Peter the Spirit and Strength to chose the Kind of death which will Glorify Jesus. To John, the one whom Jesus Loved, Jesus gave him the responsibility "Behold your mother" and finally let him through all the trials be taken to the Island of Patmos, where Jesus Christ revealed His the truth of what is to come.

Spirit: Jesus Christ appeared to His apostles after His resurection, and sent them the Holy Spirit, enabling them to proclaim the gospel with confidence, thus enabling the apostles to see the Heavens and the Angels acesnding and descending to Jesus Christ our Lord. Everyone one of us who Believe and are Baptized in Christ, who died on the cross for the Salvation of the world, receives the Holy Spirit, which fills us with the divine strength and wisdom to hold on to Him.

Wisdom : When I read the book of Revelations and message to the seven Churches, and look into the map to find where those Churches of Asia are, to understand all the Churches are in Turkey and today there are only 2-3% of Christians. I look at Him and wonder with total surprise. But still God gives us His Spirit and Wisdom and the confirmation deep in the heart that confirmation that "He is coming and His promises are life and truth."

Prayer: Sometimes we get into situations when, we might need the strength as to walk on the water or to fly with the Eagles wings or to pass through the fires, to be refined as silver and gold. When the situation before us is so difficult and scary and unknown, we feel terrified and we dont know what is the right prayer to Pray. The best Prayer is to ask for a spirit which surrenders to the Lord and His plan. No matter how difficult or impossible the situation is commit to Him. Don't let the devil occupy any area in your life. Resist the devil and Pray for the Lord to fill us with the Spirit of Love, Joy and Peace. Call Him from the depths of your Heart He will deliver you, He is listening to each and everyone of us.

Deliverance and Salvation: He will deliver us from every situation. He will put His seal, His Crown, His Amulet, His signet ring and adore us with His garment of salvation. He loves us beyond time, beyond words, beyond imagination, beyond measure, beyond our capacity. He is good, faithful and true. He will never let us alone. He will never let us fail. He will lead us to Victory and we share the victory on the cross through our Baptism and Belief in Jesus.

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> The best Prayer is to ask for a spirit which surrenders to the Lord and His plan.

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