Ready for the Resurrection..?

Easter dawns with the question and the message.. are we ready for the resurrection..?

Am I ready for the resurrection..? Am I ready to leave all my sufferings sins, pain, agony and failures..? and am I ready to raise up with the Lord and rejoice in the victory.. that He has given us on the Cross..? am I ready to carry the victorty of the cross..?

Am I ready to leave the Fires of Hell and move in to be the resident of Heaven..? am I ready to say that the Fires of Hell have no authority over me..? as I am with the Lord in this His resurrection.. though I have boen nothing still.. because of my belief and faith in the Lord.. an part of this resurrection..

All the pains that Christ went through.. is to deliver me from my pains.. and I ready to be part of His Heavenly kingdom.. the Spiritual rebirth of oursoul and our inner being.. which is transformed from the physical body to the Spiritual body.. as we leave the fires of Hell and hold on to the Lord.. we are reborn in Spirit.. the dead physical part within us gets renewed spiritually and it is slowly becomes Spiritual Body.. part of Christ.. Our Lord.. our relationship with Him is not Physical.. but Spiritual.. we are bound to Him as Spiritual Bodies..


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Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Empty tomb, Hallelujah!

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