Relearning our ways

Christian life is primarily about unlearning what world has taught us and relearning what Jesus is teaching us. Unlearning the Fear of World and to relearn Fear of God is the first and most important transformation in our Christian life. We were most wonderfully and fearfully made.

  • World teaches us to Hate; God loves us and teaches us to Love.
  • World is filled pains and suffering which it gives into our lives; God is filled with healing and salvation which He gives into our lives.
  • World teaches us to be lonely; God teaches us to be supportive and Prayerful.

Jesus during His life on this earth, He focussed His message in delivering people from the fear of laws, customs and authorities, and instead instill the fear of God in people's lives and mind. Most times we are so busy taking care of the worldly customs and adhering to the laws and satisfying the authorities that we forget our God, our Soul and our inner being.

God created us to live in Harmony with the Spirit of God and walk by the plan of God. But Satan broke both of these in the Garden of Eden.But by the Blood of Jesus, this harmony is restored, when we believe in the Jesus Christ the only son of God. When we accept Jesus and when get baptized in water and Holy Spirit, the Harmony is restored, now it is more and very important that we giveup our old ways and start to walk in harmony with our Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to Him both from inside and outside, so that our peace in our hearts, mind and soul is established in Jesus. Let us live the life in Harmony with the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I like and enjoyed your blog concerning the deep things philosophical issues