Remain in my love (John 15:9)

Jesus Christ says "Just as the Father loved me, I have also love you, remain in my love." in John 15:9

The words "Remain in my love". Made me stop and think a bit. I felt like He is asking me to stand under the roof of His love. Closely looking my roof the "Love of Christ", which provides me the Salvation, the life not only today but eternally. How good does it feel to remain under that roof, at the same time is it difficult to stand under that roof?

The words "Remain in my love" to His disciples, though He knows that when the Hour comes, disciples will leave Him alone and run away from Him. So which means the roof of His love above them even when they are running away.

Last night when I was reading Exodus, the people building the tabernacle of the Lord in the wilderness. I was picturising the existance of the Tabernacle, Then I was picturising the Building of the Ark by Noah. Then the Building the Kingdom of Israel by King David, Then the building of the Temple by King Solomon, then rebuilding of the temple under Haggai and Zechariah. The roof of Jesus Christ's love encompasses all of them, including everyone who reads and belives in Jesus Christ.

"Remain in my Love" is an instruction He is giving to everyone who loves Him. It is the safety in the times of trouble, though it might be so tempting to run away from His love. Sometimes it feels so Hard to remain in the Love, when your mind is in so much troubled in pain and anxiety. It is a battle between "Remain in my Love" and "the trials in life". By His Mercy so far Jesus Christ has won the battle and I have been able toobey "Remain in my Love".

The disciples could not adhere to "Remain in my Love" in their own strength. But when the received the Holy Spirit, they were able to "Remain in my Love".

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