Remnants.. But for His Grace we would not Survive..

Yesterday when I was thinking about how I spent my past two months mostly restricted to my bed, I really wondered How did I "Survive" so far. Out of curiosity I started searching to see what Bible says about "Survivor". The result was an eye opener ABOUT REMNANTS and SURVIVORS. In short, I felt like Bible is the journey of the Israelites who Survived. It also talks about the reasons of why some people did not survive. What is not acceptable to God, leads to HIS WRATH and destruction.

NOAH and HIS FAMILY are the REMNANTS of FLOOD. JOSHUA, CALEB along with the REMNANT Israelites entered into the PROMISED LAND from the WILDERNESS. REPENTANT REMNENT Israelites returned back to Jerusalem after the Babylonean Exile (JEREMIAH 29:1-14, EZRA 2). FINALLY, In Revelation 11:13 after the earthquake the REMNENT were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

All the way through the Journey of the BIBLE we see that when challenge or temptation or trial that comes in not everyone Survives. But the Journey of the REMNANTs continue.

Now the question is HOW do I Survive? Interestingly Bible gives me a very clear answer for the question : "HIS GRACE". Prophet Isaiah says "Unless Lord Almighty had left us some survivors we would be like Sodom or Gomorroh" (Isaiah 1:9). It is not by our deeds or by our own righteousness or by our family or by our wealth or by our community or by or food that we are surviving, it is by His GRACE that we are surviving. In chapter 10:20 hesays "The remenant of Israel will truly rely on the Lord", it is not just rely on the Lord it is Truly rely on the LORD.

The Gospel of John introduces and describes Jesus Christ as full of GRACE and TRUTH (John 1:14). OUR SAVIOUR. This community of Survivors is not limited to the Israelites it extends to all the nations that attacked Jerusalem as well. "survivors from all the nations will go year after year to worship the King" (Zacheriah 14:16)

After sitting here in my bed and taking care of myself with God's guidance, eating Collard Greens, Lentils, Cheese, Milk, Egg, Rice everyday, to make sure I get enough calcium and other vitamins. This is not so easy. It is like I have to swim through even though I dont know to swim or not have a life jacket. I know The Book of Psalm says "survivors of your wrath are restrained". Sometimes when God has CALLED us, there is no turning back. Prophet Jeremiah says "The people who survive the sword will find favor in the wilderness;" When I think of it with my Human capacity, it is so difficult but Isaiah 37:32 says it is the Zeal of the LORD that will accomplish.


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Collard greens - I still have to look that up. Good blog.